Functioning / applications

  • What valves can a pinch valve replace?

    FENGCHI pinch valve can replace ball valve, butterfly valve, slurry valve, diaphragm valve, globe valve and other valves. Learn about pinch valves with me!

  • What functions can a pinch valve achieve?

    As a new type of valve, the pinch valve can not only be fully closed and fully opened, but also can be used as a regulating valve to achieve regulating functions. It has the advantages of high regulating accuracy and fast regulating speed.

  • How much pressure can our pinch valve handle?

    Our pinch valves are divided into two categories: low pressure and high pressure. The low pressure can withstand a maximum pressure of 3.3Mpa.High pressure maximum pressure 10.0Mpa Want to learn more about hoses?

  • Do our pinch valves accept customization?

    FENGCHI's pinch valve is not limited to the production of standard products, but can be customized according to the requirements of customers. We can accept: normally closed, normally open, adjustment, explosion-proof, negative pressure, fully sealed and other functional customization, can also be customized according to the requirements of customers. The customer's on-site production of the size of the valve installation, free customization is high. Contact FENGCHI engineers for your selection and customization

  • Why does my pinch valve have a short lifespan?

    The quality of pinch valves on the market is uneven, and most of the pinch valves on the market do not have sufficient quality control, resulting in unqualified quality and short service life; if the use quality is high but the service life is short: complex working conditions, medium particles due to pressure Due to the high pressure and high pressure, due to the incorrect selection of the reinforced pinch valve during the selection, the service life of the reinforced pinch valve is short.  It is recommended to contact Fengchi engineers for your selection

  • How long can FENGCHI's pinch valve last?

    The use time of the pinch valve is fed back through the results of our use in various sections, and its life span is 6-24 months. Recommended Fengchi FCE series pinch valve products